Simulation refers to the artificial generation, representation and interaction of a complex-real-world process. In the medical area the trainee has the ability to realistically learn a number of skills without the physical presence of a real patient. The benefits thereby are maningfold: availability and evaluation of different medical cases, clinical human performance and mastering complex or even critical situations offers a safe study environment in absence of the physical patient.

One major field hereby is the prenatal diagnostics including all aspects from simple biometrical measurements up to complex prenatal dysplasia diagnosis at early stage. The acquisition of this knowledge and hands-on "training on the job" becomes increasingly harder for physicians because for physical and ethical reasons the access to existing cases is limited. Medcom has not only acquired SONOFIT GMBH – a company founded in 2001 and providing ultrasound training simulators – but has also developed the ultrasonic simulation environment that makes a real-time, patient-independently analysis possible. The databases offered by Sonofit span a wide spectrum of applications varying from ob/gyn over abdominal to cardiologic training cases.