Ultrasound Simulator

No book, no video, no CD or DVD can replace interactive real-time training with a realistic investigation scenario.

Only this way the necessary combination of medical know-how with manual skills can be acquired. Only this way all pathologies including rare cases can be comprising trained.

The new simulator Sono-Sim-III specialized in complete ultrasound simulations. It can model every clinical case of a real sonography examination. Even dynamical examinations (Cardiology) as well as Colour Doppler data can be exercised.
A new puncturing module allows the link between diagnostic simulations to therapy proceses.
The SonoSim III is based on a brand new simulation software developed by MedCom GmbH that not only allows the parallel multivolume presentation but also a fusion of 3D datasets to support multi-modality training cases.

As a result, the system is ideal for interdisciplinary examinations - not only for ultrasound but also for other imaging processes like CT or MR.

For more details please view our product informations for SonoSim-III: