Telemedicine (syn.: e-health, tele-health) is defined as the use of modern telecommunication and information technologies for the provision of clinical care to individuals located at a distance and as the transmission of information to provide that care.

MedCom GmbH has been working for several years in the field of telemedicine. There is a close relation between telemedicine and medical imaging. We benefit from our experiences and are specified in providing modules, based on our software products for online and offline collaboration of medical doctors. This includes tools for easy and secure exchange, transmission of medical images and solutions to establish remote consultations between doctors who are working far distant from one another - in the context of a special focus on connecting rural and underserved areas with highly equipped hospitals/institutions.

Thereby, MedCom is cooperating with renowned research institutions to develop applications that are taking account of the newest trends in the areas of data security, data protection and data transmission.


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