TeleConsult is an advanced telemedicine software combining the features of our medical imaging applications with additional telemedicine capabilities.

TeleConsult allows the acquisition, processing and display of 2D, 3D and 4D ultrasound imaging data.
TeleConsult's telemedicine module enables the user to transfer acquired images to another workstation over the internet via secured communication channels for remote diagnosis and second opinion based on acquired and transmitted image data.

3D View

TeleConsult provides a wide spread of possibilities to enrich acquired images with additional information before sending them to a remote workstation. The image transfer can be achieved in two different modes:

Telemedicine Module

Offline Consultation (asynchronous mode)

In this mode TeleConsult can be used to create an email-like message consisting of image data, annotations, screenshots, text and other additional attachments. Once the message is ready it can be sent to a remote workstation via the TeleConsult server. The message will be forwarded by the server as soon as the remote workstation goes online.

Online Consultation

Online Consultation (real-time mode)

The online consultation mode can be used to transfer and discuss image data in an interactive manner by means of two connected workstations sharing the same view and displaying the remote actions (like mouse movements) in real-time. This mode is supported by a TelePointing option that is intended to point to certain details in the graphical image windows. If activated, a second mouse pointer on both connected workstations represents the remote pointer. Additionally, a separate chat window, which allows text-based discussions, can be used as well.

Telemedicine network using the mobile TraumaStation II device

For additional images and specification please refer to the product flyer.