We developed TraumaStation II, a portable suitcase integrating several sensors (U/S, 3D motion tracking, teleconference etc.) with a telemedical environment over a variety of telecommunication channels ranging from internet to satellite. TraumaStation II is serving areas with spare infrastructure such as rural regions or battlefields.

1 System Overview

1.1 Intended Use of TraumaStation II / TeleConsult 

TraumaStation II / TeleConsult® is an active diagnostic, portable 3D ultrasound imaging device for medical professionals, which is able to acquire, process, display and transfer two- and three-dimensional medical images in a telemedical environment. The term “telemedical” here refers to the ability to send and receive image data either offline or in an online mode via a network connection. In the offline mode the user defines a message that may include text and image data and selects the destination. In the online mode two TraumaStation devices / TeleConsult clients are connected and share the same view on the image data enabling the live discussion of a certain case. For data security TraumaStation II / TeleConsult uses validated encryption and authenticity mechanisms.

The image display part is capable of loading two- and three-dimensional DICOM 3 images and volume files. The software provides certain image display and rendering routines as well as measurement and annotation tools.

The device is ready for field deployment in a military context.

1.2 Hardware Overview

The following figure provides an overview of the different hardware components of the whole TraumaStation II setup. In general the system consists of three different components:

  • TraumaStation II

    • Teleconsult software and Database application
    • driveBay 3D tracking system
    • LogicScan 128 Ultrasound device
    • Internet connection

  • TeleConsult Server

    • eJabberd XMPP server software
    • Offline Message Service

  • Tele-Consultation Center

    • TeleConsult software with Database application
    • Internet connection

Figure 1: Hardware overview of the overall system

The TraumaStation II device and the Tele-Consultation Center are connected through the TeleConsult server machine via internet (e.g. over satellite). All communication (offline message, chat, online consultation, etc.) between the two stations goes over this server.

1.3 Software Overview

The following figure provides an overview on the structure and the software modules of the TraumaStation II system:

Figure 2: TraumaStation II system overview

The system consists of two software applications:

  • TeleConsult

    • Ultrasound Acquisition Module (capturing images from the ultrasound device)
    • 3D Tracking Module (tracking the position and orientation of the probe during acquisition)
    • Rendering & Visualization Module (generating 3D volumes from the ultrasound images; measurements; annotations, segmentation; etc.)
    • Communicator Module (offline & online consultation)

  • Database Application

    • Stores the captured ultrasound images and volumes

2 Hardware Specification

The TraumaStation II / TeleConsult product consists of / supports the following hardware: