In our core-business area we support solutions for Cancer treatment. One main issue is to support the radiation therapy in clinics worldwide. Two techniques are used to deliver radiation therapy: brachytherapy and teletherapy/external Beams. As a 3D simulation application for external beam radiation therapy, Prosoma is one of our key products to support the clinical workflow within RT departments by mean of providing various tools, common for the planning and applying external beam treatments. First introduced 10 years ago as a pure 3D CT-simulation application for external beam radiation therapy, ProSoma has now become the Swiss Army Knife for RT departments often integrated as the main central tool within the oncology infrastructure.

Based on our approved virtual simulation package ProSoma®, we developed an oncology data reviewing software tool including a new RT-PACS option. This new user-friendly software tool »RTViewer« supports loading and reviewing all types of radiotherapy related data like DICOM-3 images (CT, MRI, PET), RT-Dose, RT-Plan.

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