ProSoma Core

Monte Carlo Based Dose QA

ProSoma Core is a new software package for the verification of patient treatments in radiation oncology. It is designed to simplify your work and enhance the confidence in your treatment planning procedure. It also enables you to determine what a LINAC does and what the consequences are for the patient if the machine does not perform as expected.

Today’s radiation techniques like IMRT, VMAT and SBRT are getting more and more complex. At the same time tolerances are getting smaller and smaller. Both trends lead to increased quality assurance efforts occupying machine and human resources. Classical verification techniques by measuring dose in phantoms are state of the art, but they cannot determine inaccuracies in the real human body. Furthermore these techniques are time consuming while an extensive machine QA has to be performed anyhow required and stipulated by law and authorities.

To solve this inherent conflict ProSoma Core provides you an alternative for your daily routine. The idea behind the product is not just a check of monitor units, it is a comprehensive verification of plans calculated by treatment planning systems.

Before irradiation

  • Recalculate plan by an independent and ultra-accurate Monte Carlo engine

  • Compare & display deviations between desired and recalculated plans

  • Check plan stability, i.e. changes in dose distributions caused by patient movements

After irradiation

  • Collect machine logfiles and reverse-calculate the delivered dose to the patient

  • Compare & visualize deviations between desired and delivered dose


  • Plan report Example

Key Benefits Overview

  • Fully automatic 3D dose plan verification

  • High quality and fast Monte Carlo engine

  • PDF report notification via e-mail

  • Robustness analysis: calculate effects of spatial uncertainties

  • Recalculate plans based on machine logfiles

  • QA protocols customizable per treatment region

  • Interactive plan verification as an option

  • Definitive answers to not measurable effects in head&neck and chest regions

Robustness analysis and Machine logfile analysis

Starting with the automatic import of all patient related DICOM objects (CT slices, RT Plan, RT Structure Set, RT Dose) ProSoma Core distributes the job into a queue. Based on predefined protocols these jobs are then calculated by a newly developed Monte Carlo algorithm on a separate high performance number cruncher, aiming to reduce the uncertainty to less than 1%. This of course requires commissioning and implementation of an appropriate linac model.

All verification results are e-mailed as PDF reports to a number of responsible persons for validation. Based on individually defined objectives – not just gamma deviations – an immediate answer is given whether a plan is acceptable or weak. In case of severe deviations, regions of risk will be highlighted on multiplanar CT reconstructions.
Furthermore ProSoma Core checks for the robustness of treatment plans by applying the typical patient position variations. An interactive mode allows the detailed investigation of critical regions. On option and after validation ProSoma Core can store all verification results as embedded object on your PACS.

Gamma evaluation and Interactive plan comparison

In addition to the verification of treatment plans ProSoma Core gives you the opportunity to recalculate the delivered dose based on the log files provided by the LINAC. All recorded positions of leaves, collimator and gantry as well as dose rate will be back projected onto the original patient study, giving you the option to document the behaviour of the machine and calculate the consequences to the dose delivered to the patient.