MedCom Profile

MedCom has been founded in 1997 and is an entirely privately-owned company. We offer innovative & advanced imaging-based products with emphasis on cancer treatment and interventional navigation. All our products are either dedicated to therapy or are motivated by treatment procedures. As an OEM/B2B company MedCom’s products are integrated by many world-wide acting medical companies.

Our aim is to pioneer each and every product we are working with. Due to our extensive exchange with top-members of the research community and some of the world-best physicians, we are permanently exposed to new and upcoming medical needs from the field. As examples, we commercially released 3D ultrasound in 1996, irradiation virtual simulation in 1999, HDR brachytherapy as monotherapy in 2002, fusion imaging in 2003, proton verification in 2004 and transperineal prostate fusion-biopsy in 2007. All these – and several other- technologies have been world-wide commercially pioneered by MedCom and belong today to established standard of high-end medical care.

Over the years MedCom has been awarded by several academic and professional awards documenting the appreciation of the community and the quality of our products. MedCom regularly participates ambitious R&D projects funded by the European Commission, the German Ministry of Research etc. Joining such leading-edge R&D projects is part of our strategy of permanent innovation and technical leadership.

    Key Persons

    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Georgios Sakas is founder, majority shareholder and managing director of the company. He received in 1987 a Diploma (MSc) in Computer Engineering and in 1992 a Ph.D. in Computer graphics, both at the TU Darmstadt. Between 1994 and 2012 he has also been heading the “Cognitive Computing & Medical Imaging'' department by Fraunhofer IGD.

    Since 1998 he associated adjunct professor at NTU Athens and since 2007 honorary professor at the TU Darmstadt. His research includes medical imaging, surgical navigation and treatment planning systems. He supervised 23 PhD and dozens of graduation students’ theses, published/co-edited 10 books & proceedings, co-authored ca. 200 scientific papers, and received over a dozen scientific awards.

    He serves as reviewer by the European Commission, is member of the CIP Strategic Advisory Board of the EU, serves in the board of numerous international conferences and scientific magazines and as business plan and/or innovation evaluator for funding organisations and ministries.

    Marcus Grimm is co-share-holder and procura of the company and is heading all its R&D activities. He studied from 1990 to 1997 at the Technische Hochschule Darmstadt (THD), where he received his Diploma (MSc) in Computer Engineering. Already during his studies he was involved in the development of “medical imaging” software, which is still incorporated in the systems of Fraunhofer IGD as well as to MedCom GmbH. After one year at the Fraunhofer IGD in Darmstadt (Department “Cognitive Computing & Medical Imaging''), where he published several articles in medical imaging with focus on volume visualisation and 3D ultrasound applications, he joined MedCom GmbH located in Darmstadt.

      Oliver Steckenreiter studied from 1993 to 1999 at the Fachhochschule Hochschule Darmstadt (FHD), where he received his Diploma in Computer Graphics. He joined MedCom Gesellschaft für medizinische Bildverarbeitung mbH located in Darmstadt in April 2000. His functions include project management and product supervision.