Ct-U/S Navigator for Interventions

The Virtual Navigator Technology combines two different imaging modalities: real-time ultrasound scanning and static imaging (e.g. MR/CT) driving you inside the human body to reach the desired target.

Thanks to the Fusion Imaging and the Tracking System you will have a perfect correlation of Ultrasound and MR/CT images significantly increasing precision and accuracy of image-guided diagnosis and interventional procedures.

NaviSuite is the right, easy and fast solution to improve your practical work-flow by identifying the internal liver lesions and performing the follow-up in interventional imaging.

NaviSuite, moreover, allows you to merge MR/CT images with contrast-enhanced ultrasound real-time scanning, increasing your confidence through the use of the different modalities.

  • Virtual navigation for Diagnosis & Interventions

  • Biopsy guidance (including TRUS and Stepper support)

  • Catheter placement 

  • Instrument navigation 

  • Breast navigation module using deformation model

  • 2D navigation (x-ray, mammography)

  • Bodymap navigation

  • Perfect correlation of ultrasound with CT/MR/PET images 

  • Multi modality support 

  • Automatic image fusion 

  • Online, real-time display 

  • Intuitive & Easy-To-Use

    • Overlap CT over US
    • Overlap US over CT
    • Overlap Edge

    Virtual Navigator History

    2002 The Idea


    2004 Introduction

    - RSNA2004 CD Presentation
    Real-Time ultrasound CT fusion: 
    How to quickly and precisely perform radiofrequency ablation for small or poorly visualized liver tumors (Solbiati-Cova-Ierace)

    2005 Virtual Needle

    - RSNA 2005 
    New improvement of Real-time US: CT Fusion-
    The anatomical markers and the "Virtual Needle" (Solbiati-Cova-Bellobuono)

    2006 The Planning

    - CIRSE 2006: Gruntzig Lecture 
    Image - guidance propelling the future of cancer therapy (Solbiati) 

    - RSNA 2006: Real-time CT/US fusion imaging for the guidance of ablative treatment of small hepatic, renal and adrenal malignancies. (Solbiati-Cova-Ierace-De Beni)

    2007 MyLab70XVG New

    - RSNA 2007 
    Use of Real-time US/CT fusion imaging as simulation device for teaching how to safely and precisely perform sonographically-guided interventional procedures (Solbiati, Ierace, De Beni)

    2012 Motion sensor

    European Patent 01ESA12-EP

    2013 Further innovations

    - Automatic registration (Patent Pending)
    - Respiratory gating
    - Auto-segmentation of lesions
    - Multimodality dataset rigid registration

    2014 Specific requirements

    - 2D Navigation
    - Neuronavigation environment
    - TAVI puncture environment


    -Automatic registration in Transcanial applications


    - Dedicated workflow navigation protocols for Abdominal, Urology, Neurosonology and Neurosurgery procedures


    MyLab LION

    - Urology and TRUS protocols and possibility to mount US probe on stepper

    - User interface and architecture adjustment for full integration on new ESAOTE LION device


    - Breast navigation module – US<->US only including breast scanning coverage, targets definition, 3D US review after scanning, pre-post examination comparison


    - Breast Navigation extended to US<->MR and US<-> Mammography using deformation model do adjust the dataset to the current shape of the examined breast. On the fly adjustments are applied during the scanning of further deform