recotom® is a new algorithmic approach for reconstructing tomographic volumes from a series of X-ray projections. It has been designed and optimized for any type of CBCT scans - however the same principle applies also on conventional CT scanners.

recotom® is based on proprietary, undisclosed MedCom technology. No matter if you compare to Feldkamp (FDK), weighted back projection (WBP) or iterative reconstruction (IR), recotom® will clearly overperfom in terms of reconstruction quality, flexibility, versatility and speed. The algorithmic principle of recotom® enables tackling well known reconstruction problems in a new and superior way: metal artefacts suppression has never been so powerful before, soft tissue can be seen also in CBCT scans, and you never have to worry about patient motion in the future since recotom® autonomously detects and corrects the blur offering a “virtual patient immobilisation”

    Dose reduction is a paramount feature of recotom®: due to its superior technology the reconstruction requires only ca. 1/3 of the X-rays used in the conventional approaches above, a fact reducing patient exposure by 300% without jeopardizing reconstruction quality, as this is the case with low-dose X-ray approaches. recotom® is implemented as purely software module compatible to MS-Windows operation environments (additional OS available on request) equipped with NVIDIA board and requires only 8-30 sec for a complete reconstruction.