Patient Positioning and Verification System

Particle beam systems require a highly accurate positioning of the patient before and during the treatment. Leading vendors for particle therapy such as IBA, Varian, Sumitomo and others rely on MedCom's VeriSuite® in highprecision patient positioning and verification.

VeriSuite® automatically aligns two DRR images rendered from a high quality CT scan of the patient with two corresponding X-ray images acquired during the treatment. Thereby it provides a six degrees of freedom correction vector with a sub-millimeter accuracy. X-ray acquisition, automatic registration and correction calculations are completed within a few seconds allowing for seamless integration in the treatment workflow.

VeriSuite® functionality includes image acquisition, interfacing with Oncology Information Systems (e.g. Mosaiq or Aria), image registration, calculations for automatic correction of the patient's position and sending the correction vector to the therapy control system. Additional features include patient prepositioning in a 'Setup Room' outside the treatment unit, and offline review with the VeriSuite® stand-alone Viewer.

    2D/3D image registration (XR↔DRR):

    • Automatic registration

    • Manual registration

    • Semiautomatic marker-based registration

    • Definition of region of interest

    • Single-axis and double-axis fluoroscopy

    • Configurable up to six degrees of freedom

    • GPGPU speedup

    • Manual annotations & delineations possible

    • 2D/3D Image Registration between XR and DRR

    Image Acquisition:

    • Direct control of X-ray parameters

    • Presets for anatomical regions

    • Cone-beam CT (CBCT) on-board

    • Fluoroscopy

    • Respiratory gating

    • Isocentrical geometrical calibration procedure

    • Dual Fluoroscopy acquisition for Cone Beam CT Reconstruction

    Treatment room support:

    • Fixed Beam rooms

    • Inclined Beam rooms

    • Gantry Treatment rooms

    • Flexible and configurable for other room types

    • Up to three different radiographic axes simultaneously possible

    • Gantry treatment room with two fluoroscopy panels

    Treatment Rooms:

    VeriSuite® is employed in various treatment rooms worldwide:

    USA 5 // Europe10 // Asia 16 // in 23 centres

    Multilingual Support:

    English // German // Czech // French // Italian // Polish // more languages

    3D/3D scans registration (CT↔CT/CBCT/MRI):

    • Any modality: planning CT and

      • CT-Series from In-Room-CT
      • MRT scans
      • Integrated Cone Beam CT scans
    • Automatic registration

    • Manual registration

    • Definition of region of interest

    • GPGPU speedup

    • Manual annotations & delineations possible

    • 3D/3D Image Registration between CBCT and CT


    Intelligent algorithms, modern 2D, 3D and fluoroscopic imaging, and high accuracy patient positioning devices provide you with the best solution available today:
    time efficient, highly precise, fast and with low X-ray dose.

    Compatibility with any DICOM format:

    DICOM3, RT-Plan, RT-Structure etc. // Interface to PACS via DICOM network // Import/Export RT Images // Import/Export CR Images // Import/Export DX Images // Data prefetching and local storage