Oncentra Prostate


One solution for all techniques

Oncentra® Prostate is a highly efficient brachy-therapy treatment planning solution designed for minimally invasive prostate cancer treatment. Oncentra® Prostate is the first planning system available providing tools to simulate, to realize and to apply both permanent (LDR) seeds and temporary (HDR/PDR) implants. Using the same innovative tools for both permanent and temporary implants, the learning curve can be steepened and the productivity increased.

A real-time prostate suite

Even if designed as a real-time planning system using ultrasound imaging modality, planning can be done also based on or supported by other imaging modalities such as CT or MRI. As part of the concept it can easily be connected to any ultrasound device providing transrectal probes.

With Oncentra® Prostate, users benefit of live imaging during the complete procedure. In combination with the possibility to adapt the current plan easily to anatomical changes and the real-time recalculation of the plan conformity, the system reduces the probability of potential errors and ensures a maximum degree of confidence delivering then the best treatment possible to the patient.

The optimal treatment plan is created while the patient is still in the operating room

Oncentra® Prostate is delivered as a highly portable system. The required cabling in the operating room is reduced to a minimum ensuring a clean and safe working area.

Bringing the planning system into the operating and delivery room, moving the patient becomes expendable.

Typical HDR prostate brachytherapy workflows


Semi Real-time

Typical LDR prostate brachytherapy workflow

Genuine real-time prostate brachytherapy workflow applicable for both implant techniques

Advanced innovative features connected to the clinical environment

Planning and treatment setup:

  • Pre-configurable definition of templates, needles, sources and afterloaders

  • Support of various stepping devices extended by positioning encoders

  • Ultrasound connectivity via various image standards with automated image geometry detection

  • Multiple definable application setups to support any clinical protocol as well as personal preferences


  • Automatic and semi-automatic 3D ultrasound acquisition

  • Advanced and highly performant rendering and slicing algorithms


  • Intuitive manual and semi-automatic contouring methods

  • Flexible margining algorithm creating homogeneous, symmetric and fully asymmetric margins around any volume of interest

  • Automatic surface creation describing the outlined patient anatomy


  • Highly innovative planning features covering needle and source placement and plan optimization up to fully automated inverse planning

  • Fast evaluation functionalities immediately analyzing the plan during its creation and giving immediate feedback about its conformity

Plan realization:

  • Intuitive needle guiding helping to realize the virtual pre-plan

  • Deviations between pre-plan and realized plan are immediately visible and can be automatically compensated by the optimizers

  • Permanent analysis comparing the current plan with the clinical protocol

Data compatibility:

  • Fully DICOM compatible database Smoothbase (development of Elekta Brachytherapy) integrating Oncentra® Prostate into the clinical network

  • Direct plan transfer to the afterloader control system (HDR/PDR) or the seedSelectron (LDR) building the seed trains

The Oncentra® Prostate application is developed by MedCom and Pi-Medical and is part of the Oncentra® Prostate system manufactured and distributed exclusively and world-wide by Elekta Brachytherapy.



Pictures on this page kindly provided by Elekta Brachytherapy