IntraOp Prelude

Is an IORT management system for treatment planning and logging of quality assurance procedures with the IntraOp® Mobetron®.

Features at a glance:

  • Treatment planning with fast dose distribution visualization

  • Streamlines the workflow in the operating room parallel to the treatment

  • Energy mixing for an optimal dose at desired treatment depth

  • Patient treatment database for easy analysis

  • DICOM connectivity: import patient data from RIS/PACS and export RTPLAN to OIS

  • Generating pdf reports from treatment plans and QA sessions

  • Save time due to fast planning and reduce human error

  • Planning Screen with PDD
  • Planning Screen with isodose

Prelude improves the efficiency and precision of Intraoperative Radiation Therapy by combining treatment planning procedures and quality assurance tools into a single program.

Prelude is running on a Microsoft Surface Pro tablet with touch screen. It provides mobility and can be taken from the control room into the operating room while planning.

Prelude can optionally be installed on an existing Desktop PC in the control room.

Various dose distribution visualizations (PDD, isodose curves) can be selected on the fly to help the radiation oncologist and the medical physicist to choose the best parameters for treatment.

From the planned parameters the Monitor Units for treatment with the Mobetron are calculated.

A Treatment Plan requires an approval and verification by an authorized person.  Prelude logs this information into the database.

A detailed Treatment Plan report can be printed directly to a printer or exported as a pdf.

For quality assurance Prelude offers a user-configurable library of electrometers and dosimeters along with their adequate correction factors. The physicist can perform all required daily QA tests and the results are recorded in the database and can be monitored over time. Reports from the QA measurements can be generated.