The comprehensive RT toolkit

As your versatile and intuitive assistant, ProSoma® accompanies you during the whole RT process. It facilitates decision making no matter if simple palliative or complex IMRT treatments are planned. The software's rich functionality ranges from virtual simulation, contouring, deformable registration, adaptive RT, to dose evaluation and portal/IGRT verification. ProSoma®'s imaging tools are unique on the market. Due to its unmatched connectivity it is regularly the link between all the many and varied systems typically present in a radiotherapy department. In addition, ProSoma®'s database server acts as a DICOM archive implementing dedicated requirements that are faced in a specialized RT department and not addressed by standard radiology PACS systems. To allow an easy start with the software, ProSoma offers a workflow wizard that guides you through the most important working procedures.

The ProSoma system is composed of a set of core functions that constitute the base of all further functionality and several specialized modules designed for the individual tasks of the RT procedure. Separate licenses are available for the system's RT modules to match the individual needs of any RT department. Furthermore, it is possible to restrict ProSoma to a pure reviewing station. In this case RT structures/plans/doses can be loaded into the system but editing functions are disabled.

    ProSoma base functionality

    External Interfaces:

    • Unparalleled connectivity supporting all DICOM image and RT formats

    • System independent of scanner, TPS, EPID or R&V system

    • Interface to laser systems and block cutters

    Database + client/server:

    • client/server architecture

    • Floating campus license

    • Conversion of any external document (doc, pdf, xls, images etc.) into a DICOM object and import into the database

    • Automatically generate DRR images based on received RT plan objects and CT data

    • DICOM forward functionality allows resending any incoming DICOM traffic to an external DICOM node, e.g. to the clinic PACS

    ProSoma modules

    Portal verification/IGRT

    • Automated single image or orthogonal image pair verification

    • Automated 3D verification for CBCT or in-room CT

    • Automated table correction calculation

    • Calculate positioning statistics and trends for individual patients and patient collectives

    Adaptive RT

    • Deform contours from planning CT to follow-up CT

    • Compute dose summation from deformed images to get total delivered dose

    • Export deformed data including structures and doses

    • Recalculate dose distribution on follow-up CT


    • head&neck atlas

    • Model based contouring

    • Boolean operations

    • Creating scripts to automate complex tasks

    • Propagate contours on 4D data using deformable registration

    • Various 2D/3D editing tools

    • Contours from beams or isodose lines

    • Using coronal and sagittal views to define surfaces

    • PET SUV based contouring

    Dose evaluation

    •  Compute biologically effective dose and equivalent uniform dose

    •  Determine plan characteristics like coverage, conformity or homogeneity

    •  Dose summation, subtraction and scaling on fused images to compute overall delivered dose or compare various dose plans

    •  DVH calculation to oppose multiple plans or visualize total applied dose

    •  Defining green/red lights for DVH-based metrics on certain VOIs and treatment types

    •  Gamma evaluation of reference dose and evaluation dose

    •  Display of dose profiles for intuitive comparison of dose distribution

    •  Display of isodose lines on DRR images

    Rigid/deformable registration:

    • Multi-modality approach

    • Capture positioning variations as well as local deformations

    • Calculations take one to a few minutes for large datasets

    Monte Carlo dose calculation

    • Ultra-accurate Monte Carlo based dose calculation algorithm

    • Calculations are done within a few minutes even in high-precision mode

    • Compute MU + 3D dose for 3D conformal fields (primary dose calculation)"

    • Recompute MU + 3D dose for complex IMRT fields (second opinion dose calculation)

    Virtual Simulation


    • Simulate any technique for any model of treatment machine or MLC

    • Create beam libraries to reuse any kind of beam configuration

    • All types of blocks, wedges, electron applicators supported

    • Option to use 2D simulator images for planning in case of palliative treatment

    • DICOM RT PACS is an extended DICOM archive that supports bidirectional queries from any other system using the DICOM Query/Retrieve or Send protocol

    • All RT data supported like RT Structure Set/RT Plan/RT Image/RT Dose


    ProSoma RT viewer

    RT-viewer is dedicated to review all 2D, 3D or 4D oncology data generated within a radiotherapy department like DICOM images (CT, MRI, PET ...), RT-Dose, RT-Plan and RT-Structure Set.

    • RT Plan & beam review

    • RT Structure Set (contours)

    • Display of 3D RT-Dose

    • Dose comparison of different treatment devices & techniques, fractions, etc.

    • Plan/Dose comparison as overlay, difference, side-to-side

    • Multimodal 3D fusion (rigid & deformable): Registration of 2nd modality over the planning CT

    • 4D CT support