Augmented Reality

The target of Medarpa is to build a AR (Augmented Reality) -supported workstation with special support of interventional measures.
The technological components contain new interaction and visualization procedures as well as for the improvement of the operating workstation ergonomics, the development of a halfpermeable display.

    Likewise for the treating physician it will become possible, to overlay the patient with the data coming from the medical modalities during the operation, without having to carry special devices (HMD, camera) at its body or cables restricting the freedom of movement.
    Although the medical area is to be named as application field first, the developed technology can be transferred to other areas of application, where the user wants to work without carrying additional devices at his body (e.g. service and maintenance area).

      The objective of Medarpa consists of supporting the execution of interventional methods by the application of innovative AR technology. The missing visual information is to be supplied by Medarpa spatially registered, without obstructing the physician by complicated technical devices or superstructures. Thus the physician can quasi look into the patient during the operation, without having to turn thereby its view away from the operation place. The supply of this additional information effected on a free-positionable, halftransparent display, " a virtual window " and can be used by the physician depending upon handling situation optionally.

      MedCom is part of the Consortium of the MEDARPA-Project.