The main issue in medical care in Russia today is an insufficient supply of modern high-quality medical equipment for diagnostics and therapy within a wide network of medical establishments/institutions/ clinics; equally inability or low level of handling skill of medical equipment by medical staff. This problem is most acute in rural area hospitals, which cannot afford expensive medical imaging and other medical equipment. It is of vital importance in the case of certain illnesses to recognize their early symptoms to ensure success of treatment and prolong patients life.
Scope of the project is the development of an integrated, portable and affordable telemedical software-hardware diagnostics and therapeutic device that uses a combination of image recognition methods in real time based on the inbuilt medical imaging database for the purpose of automating diagnostics processes.
Starting from the existing previous works existing in both sides, the project aim is to extend it in order to develop a sample software and hardware integrated telemedical portable complex for diagnostics and therapy to be used by emergency and ambulance mobile services in Russia. In brief summary, the partners have the following roles:

German partner MedCom

  1. Provide its telemedicine software “teleinvivo” as basis, extend the capabilities of the software for handling non-imaging data such as glucose values, blood pressure measurements, ECG diagrams etc.

  2. Providing its “TraumaStation” hardware as basis, extend the hardware design in order to enable integration of various USB-based medical devices

Russian Partner Tradition

  1. Adapt various medical devices mainly of Russian production to the new system architecture

  2. Develop a new case enabling higher degree of integration (more devices in less space), reducing the weight, volume & cost while increasing the stability of the case

  3. Develop the system software further towards automatic diagnosis support of the acquired signals


  1. Enter a distribution partnership for promoting the new device in the countries of former GUS

The TELEMEDSTATION project is planned to become a peripheral subsystem for the currently developing Russian network of telemedical centres joining the major medical centres handling the biggest patient databases in Russia.

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