Trans European Network for Positron Emission Tomography

This project is to be seen as a breakthrough to cover the needs of the market concerning the provision of integrated tele-consultation and computer supported cooperative work services between Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Centres throughout Europe.
Example PET- and CT-Images which can be transferred with TENPET:

TENPET networks will be set up and validated in terms of health care and cost improvements, at both national (throughout Spain) and European (Germany, France, Spain) levels. It is expected that TENPET will improve quality of patient care and patient management. The approach of integrating advanced medical imaging technology and health telematics network applications into a single, easy-to-operate medical telematics platform, will be supportive for PET centres, according to operational costs reduction and secure transmission of medical data via a variety of telecommunications channels. Furthermore it will allow the cooperation between professionals in PET centres and peripheral hospitals and foster the development of the field. A hidden benefit will be also the transfer of knowledge in the PET community. Rapidly, as well as increasingly on long term, TENPET will bring PET Centres throughout Europe closer together, extravagating linguistical and cultural barriers.
Even if TENPET is primarily specialized in the avenue of Positron Emission Tomography, it will have general impact on the area of health telematics. Moreover TENPET will also set focus on the usage of new communication technologies and protocols like Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and Jabber protocol.
The TENPET service will be based on the successful EU funded research TeleInViVo (Telematics Application Program, 2001 IST Grand Prize Winner) and the commercial successor of it, the CE certified software product ›TeleConsult‹. The platform is supplied by MedCom, runs on PCs with Windows 2000/XP and incorporates advanced techniques for image visualization, analysis and fusion. In addtion, the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) is offering expertise on telecommunication issues and several research institutions throughout Europe are serving as Centres of Excellence for the project.

Official TENPET hompage: