The project "Prävention und Versorgung epidemisch auftretender Infektionen mit innovativer Medizintechnik" (Prevention and care of epidemic infections with innovative medical technology), also known as LUSCOV, aims to improve the analysis of lung ultrasound (LUS) data for diagnosing and managing pneumonia and/or COVID-19 cases. The project focuses on developing software algorithms that can detect and classify COVID-19 and pneumonia-specific LUS artifacts. It also aims to establish new lung features using automated evaluation algorithms and investigate COVID-19-specific LUS artifacts.

MedCom specific R&D focus lies thereby on

1) implementing and testing various beam-forming methods

2) Perform RF analysis of the native ultrasound data


The project partners collaborate to optimize LUS image analysis, develop a real-time display, and evaluate the effectiveness of the optimized clinical management approach

- MedCom GmbH

- SRH Wald-Klinikum Gera,

- Dr. F. Wolfram Fraunhofer IGD,