Intraoperative radiotherapy

Asklepios Klinik St. Georg introduces new treatment procedure for tumor patients

MedCom GmbH joins the UniteRT initiative

Madrid, Spain 14th of June 2023 - The membership of MedCom in UniteRT (, an open & non-profit, robust coalition of Radiation Therapy…

First treatment with Q-PRO® and integrated BiopSee® image management technology

Darmstadt, Germany 15th of December 2022 - The first treatment combining SpectraCure's next-generation Q-PRO® treatment system and integrated BiopSee®…

IBEX and MedCom join forces to sell a combined scatter correction and reconstruction engine for CBCT applications.

MedCom GmbH (Darmstadt, Germany) and IBEX Innovations Limited (Durham, UK) are

pleased to announce a collaboration and marketing agreement to deploy…

Mithilfe von Biomarkern bösartige Lymphknoten diagnostizieren (German)

Ein Darmstädter Forscherteam entwickelt in Kooperation mit der HNO Uniklinik Düsseldorf eine neue Diagnosemethode für bösartige Lymphknoten im…

Precise Diagnosis of the Prostate Gland Gentle and Safe: MRI-guided Stereotactic Prostate Biopsy with BiopSee®and Hitachi ARIETTA V70 true stories by Hitachi Medical Systems Europe

The Poster presentation of recotom© the new CBCT algorithm made by MedCom on the PTCOG was a great success. You missed it? Please see here (rectomVeriSuitePosterV2) to find the poster online.

After receiving recently FDA clarence for BiopSee 3.0, we are happy to announce today that the new BiopSee 3.1 version will be released in the DGU Congress in Dresden, Germany.

Quantensprung in der Diagnostik von Prostatakrebs

Urologen des UniversitätsSpitals Zürich ist es mit einer innovativen Technik zur Entnahme von Gewebeproben gelungen, signifikant genauere Diagnosen…

Medizinische Innovation in der Prostata-Behandlung am Mindener Klinikum

Minden (mt/hn). Der Experte ist begeistert: "Es ist ein echter Quantensprung in der Diagnostik des Prostatakarzinoms", erklärt Prof. Dr. Hansjürgen…