T@lemed is a project of the @lis program, which is one of the major cooperations between the EU Commission and Latin America. The joint venture introduces an e-health model for the provision of health services in emerging countries, such as Colombia and Brazil. MedCom serves as a technology provider for the subproject 2 of the project. The project is on target to reinforce the use of high standard information technologies in the avenue of the Information Society, especially within telemedicine and civil services. The target result of the subproject one is the installation of a telemedical application that is supporting the diagnosis and treatment of short term infections such as malaria or TBC.

In the subproject two the MedComs medical telematics application TeleConsult will be used especially in the field of general ultrasound applications like pregnancy control, urology and cardiovascular diagnosis. Thereby the software is used to reduce the gap between medically underserved regions and large cities in Brazil. Experts in large hospitals with a special know-how will be connected with small health stations in the underserved regions and in that way the primary healthcare will be improved. One of the improvements will be that the medical advice by specialists is conveyed more easily. In addition, remote hospitals have the possibility of sending patients records like ultrasound scans to specialists in hospitals of large cities for medical analysis. In addition, it is conceivable that, if a second specialized opinion is needed, the data can likewise be transmitted over the net to medical specialists in Europe.

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