Aug 2023

Intraoperative radiotherapy: Asklepios Klinik St. Georg introduces new treatment procedure for tumor patients Link

We are proud to see #BiopSee making a positive impact in the medical industry and contributing to the advancement of healthcare prostate biopsy. News

July 2023

- Thank you Nikolaos Kostakopoulos MD PhD FEBU for sharing this exciting news about our system being the most accurate and safe technique for the diagnosis of prostate cancer. We are thrilled to see the positive impact it is having on patients and the medical community. View

- A new technique called Vecto® Prostate Prostate using BiopSee from MedCom GmbH; combines magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and ultrasound to guide a needle during a biopsy procedure. This technique uses electromagnetic needle tracking and is performed under local anesthesia. Link

- #VeriSuite application specialist Thomas is on a #maintenance trip visiting our long-lasting partner IBA Proton Therapy at integris health and okcproton Center. it is good to meet in person again after the long interruption due to Covid-19 Link

- The #ProSoma_MedCom truly excelled during the #DEGRO Kassel 2023 conference, showcasing remarkable demonstrations, fostering meaningful connections through meetings and networking, and indulging in delightful gatherings with cherished friends over exquisite dinners. The overall experience was nothing short of extraordinary! All was great! Looking forward to the next Link

June 2023

- #MedComGmbH is proud to be a distinguished member of UniteRT, an esteemed coalition comprised of Radiation Therapy Vendors. Operating as an open and non-profit organization, we strive to streamline the decision-making process for prospective clients by providing unparalleled software and hardware solutions that are both open and compatible. Link

- We #MedComGmbH are proud to be joining UniteRT, a strong alliance of Radiation Therapy Vendors to make software and hardware choices easier for interested customers. View

- MedCom's CEO Georgios Sakas speaks about our approach for an independent universal positioning solution for Eye Treatment, interfacing RaySearch Laboratories RayOcular treatment planning solution. View

- Our MedCom team has arrived in Madrid for #ptcog61 Visit us at Booth Number 4 Link

- Exciting news, we will be traveling to Madrid in June for ptcog2023 If you plan to attend and are interested in conversing with one of our team members, feel free to visit us at our booth.  Link

May 2023

- We're happy to announce the 2nd Transperineal Fusion biopsy workshop, using #BiopSee system from #MedComGmbH, following the successful 1st course with support from #SOFMEDICA & Lefkos Stavros. The workshop is on #june 16-17, 2023 ISLE ACADEMY Athens and Lefkos Stavros, The Athens Clinic. The key to success is a great scientific team, interactive sessions, engaging debates, tips & tricks, and inclusive case observations. Reg fee: €600/participant. Link

- We are delighted to inform you that CM Endolife in Moldova has received the #BiopSee_MedCom fusion biopsy system. A fellow colleague had the opportunity to visit the EndoLife medical facility by taking the maiden voyage of the #HiSky aircraft from Frankfurt to Chisinau. Thank you to the staff and doctors for making our colleague feel so welcome and for giving him a fascinating tour of the city, culminating in a delightful dinner featuring the renowned local Moldovan wine. Our team is thrilled to sustain our collaboration with our clients and medical associates in our mission to aid patients globally, to early detection of cancer that can lead to better treatment. #endolife #BiopSee #thankyou #team Link

- A Greek Urologist was invited to explain on Greek TV the advantages of MedCom's Fusion system, BiopSee, which increases significantly the detection of prostate cancer in comparison to the conventional biopsy procedure. View

- This year, beside our well-established ProSoma Core module we are proud to announce and showcase our newbie "CBCT Monitor" as a part of the ProSoma family at #estro23. View

- VeriSuite® can align a planning CT to either two X-ray images or an in-room CT or CBCT, providing a highly accurate correction vector with six degrees of freedom. The process is done automatically and quickly, allowing for easy integration into the treatment process. View

April 2023

 - “FUJIFILM Healthcare is launching on the 6th of April 2023 in Japan the MRI-US fusion prostate biopsy system "ARIETTA 65 IntuitiveFusion" that supports precise fusion prostate biopsies. It combines FUJIFILM Healthcare's "ARIETTA 65" ultrasonic diagnostic equipment and MedCom GmbH "BiopSee" fusion software integrated into one cart”. View

- #BiopSee_MedCom seems to demonstrate superiority even for ⁑Low-experienced⁑ surgeons #prostatecancer. Link

Mar 2023

- The new #recotom_MedCom version 3.0 has been released, offering better image quality with reduced reconstruction time. In addition to the existing extensive Features, like MAR and patient motion correction, new unique key methods have been developed, such as the calibration-free estimation and correction of beam-hardening and scatter. View

- Great work from the #BiopSee_MedCom team during the #EAU23 conference which included demonstrations, meetings, networking, getting together with friends, and dinners. All was great! Looking forward to the next #event Link

- Reposted Luca Lunelli post regarding #biopSee fusion system Link

Feb 2023

- Vecto® Prostate Biopsy using BiopSee® system is the top highlight article of the European #Urology Journal in March 2023 issue. View

- We are participating in the upcoming #ESTRO2023 at the European Society for Radiotherapy and #Oncology! Save the dates and join us in #Vienna, Austria between 12 to 16 May at Hall B Booth 1330 #MedComGmbH #Prosoma_MedCom View

Jan 2023

- MedCom's Center of Excellence Central Urology has successfully completed a Transperineal Fusion Biopsy course, using the #BiopSee_MedCom system, by the guidance of Dr. Katafygiotis and Dr. Leotsakos, with the valuable support of E. Mitsiou, the SOFMEDICA Surgical Team’s Fusion BiopSee expert. View

- We are participating in the upcoming #EAU23 the European Association of #Urology! Save the dates and join us in Milan between 10-13 March 2023 in Hall3 Booth A47 Link

- BiopSee from MedCom is in New York!  #MedComGmbH #prostatecancer Link 


Dec 2022

- MedCom wishes you a holiday season full of celebrations and happiness throughout the New Year. #MedComGmbH #happiness

Christof Kastner appreciates our high-tech approach which was successfully implemented in St Bartholomew's Hospital, UK. View

- It was a great pleasure attending RSNA22, especially this year as a first-time exhibitor. Amazing experience to be with friends, colleagues, and customers face to face. View

- Two of Our Colleagues Were Invited by Our Distributor to Visit The 2nd Annual European Medical Device and Diagnostic Labeling & UDI Conference in Berlin View


Nov 2022

- We are Joining #RSNA 2022. Stop by our #MedComGmbH booth No.3554 to learn more about RECOTOM®  #Recotom_MedCom  Link

- Our BiopSee Center of Excellence in Athens, Greece, is organizing the workshop “Transperineal Fusion Biopsy Hands-on workshop” Using our BiobSee system... View

- Introducing the MedCom BiopSee product which is one of the first MRI/US fusion systems and it is already more than 10 years in the market with a significant installation base. View


Oct 2022

- MedCom was founded in 1997 and is specialized in the field of medical imaging, today we are celebrating 25 years of success Link

- We are delighted to announce that CentralUrology member of Lefkos Stavros - Athens Clinic, has been awarded the Certificate of Excellence. Link